Saturday, September 27, 2008

1906 Chicago Townhouse

This townhouse from Traditional Home is one of my faves in a long, long time. I love how amazing, yet liveable it looks!!
When your front door looks like this.. there better be something amazing inside.....
Love the African feel... This front entrance has all the essential pieces I think an entry way needs!! And somehow, manages not too look overdone or cluttered. YAY!

What a great living room. I love the artwork above the sofa. Nothing in here looks too contrived.

Oh goodness... this is hearth heaven!! Look how huge that thing is!! There is the perfect sized mantle and above...

I love how they did silver-leaf on all the walls and the chalkboard piece is so fun.

Cute, fuss-free kitchen....

Head out the French doors to this lovely patio!

I've always wanted to have a water-feature in my yard, this little guy is kinda scary though!!

OOOHHHH!!! I loving this graphic bedroom

Especially since it has this fireplace and little seating area... (sigh)

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