Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Project Update:

Well for the last little while now, I have had a couple projects that are "in the works". Unfortunately, my very busy life means that sometimes personal projects like these do not take precedence. Fortunately, it doesn't usually take this long to do projects, the last couple months have been lazy for me.

So anyhow, as the weather gets a little cooler, and I can happily say that I am not only settling into my home, but also in my relationship ( we will reach the one year mark at the end of the month), I will be relaxing a little more, and getting back to the stuff that makes me happy - crafts, home decor, and taking photos.

What does this mean for you?

Well the Barrister's Cabinet is just about complete!!! Yup!! After taking a long time to get started, and then a near miss with what we thought was mold (thankfully is not). The actual cabinet is sitting in the dining room. Unfortunately, Cory says we need to fix the legs to make it level enough to accomodate dishes. As well, I have not finished the doors ( I know - dumb) and we need my mom to figure out how to put the door mechanisms back on ( it is so old, I've never seen anything like it AND the top and bottom each have different hardware). After that, I'll throw on the new knobs and fill it up with pretty things. I am hoping that it should only take about a week for me to finish everything on my end (depends on how many coats of stain we need though.......

The storage ottoman: we hit a snag- in order for it to look like a professional piece, I have decided to put off finishing this until I get a sewing machine ( I had asked religiously for one for my b-day). Reasoning for this? I would prefer to stitch all four sides together so that it shows as one fluid piece.... otherwise I just don't think it would look right.... The top however, has been done and I even added the pretty silver nailhead trim which looks so sharp!!!

New projects I am eager to start:

~ Master Bedroom Headboard. While my longterm goal would be to have one professionally made - I think we are going to make a lower-budget version for the mean-time, as it bugs me to no end, not having one. This won't take long once I actually get out to buy the supplies.

~ Re-upholstering the Zebra Ottoman. All this needs is new fabric on the bottom half of the piece. Again though, I think I am going to wait until I have a sewing machine for this piece.

~Operation try to sell Cory on the idea of drapes... I would love to do drapes in the same floral fabric we have on the canvas above the sofa.....

~ Living room blank wall - we will be getting some art on their soon... I promise.
~ Leather Bar Stools - I am still scouting the perfect stools.... I cna't find ones I like that are both comfortable, and reasonably priced. BOOO~~

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