Monday, September 8, 2008

The Cross

If you've flipped thru a Canadian Design Magazine, chances are you've heard of The Cross . This uber chic Decor & Design store is home to some supre glam pieces, that I love!!

(Un) Fortunately, there is no store here in Edmonton, which is both a good thing ( I am sure I would spend more money than I can afford in that store) and a bad thing ( I would love to step in there are become inspired).

Thankfully, there is still the internet, and I can get pictures of some of their beautiful tablescapes and vignettes. Some of the stuff I am loving, includes:

Love, love, love these Glass Sea Urchin vases!!! So pretty for huge, single blooms!

I have been loving these leather poufs since they became all the rage a few years ago.... if they weren't so pricey... I'd have a big pile in white, robin's-egg blue and silver leather!! These would be great for impromptu seating at parties - plus the kitties would love them!!

This pretty sofa would be great in our bedroom right underneath the window... a great place to curl up and read a book.

This sideboard would be so perfect in our dining area. The low profile wouldn'y distract too much from our artwork, and there is a lot of space for serving pieces and linens.

This would be so cute next to the couch, especially since the little birdie would be right next to where the kitties sleep.

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