Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today is the first day of my vacation.  We originally had a big camping trip to BC planned, but then the dog got sick and we knew i just wasn't going to work...

We're sad yes, but there's no use in getting upset about it, so we're gonna make the best of things and kind of plan our own little "Stay-cation".  We've got no real plans and have a few things around the house to attend to, and maybe some fun stuff to get done.  Plus, we might even be adventurous and head out camping for a day or two, but we're taking it day by day.

As of right now, this is all we've accomplished...
Oh yeah, we're still in bed!  Save for an "emergency call" from the office an hour into the workday, we're taking it easy!

But just laying in bed, taking photos, I realized that this week off might be a good time to tackle some things, includig:

Finishing the window treatments in this room.  I need two more sets of the wood blinds (one for the window in the closet).  Once that's done, it'll be time to get some drapes hanging in there as well.  At least on the large window...

This eyesore needs to be fixed.  The blue paper was serving as a mat for a print, but I took the print out and then the mat shifted....  It's been like this for months - don't judge.

That's correct, there is still no headboard behind our bed.  I have the frame AND I have the fabric (or at least the fabric I thought I was going to use).  Now I just need to make a decision, buy the foam and execute the plan.  This NEEDS to happen!!!  Our pillows are all helter skelter and things fall behind the bed.

Well yes, obviously, we'll MAKE the bed.  But I think it's time to seriously start looking at new bedding.  I'll for sure be buying new sheets since ours are on their last legs, but I am over the blue and brown duvet.  The colors just aren't right for what I'd like to do in here....
This will most likely take a while - there are limited options round here for Super King sized beds that aren't ridiculously expensive.

Spend some time with this good boy.  We think he's sick....  Not sure how or why or what, but something's off.  He's picking fights with the other cat; hissing and growling. 
He also started "messing" where he shouldn't have been messing.  Namely, on my bath mat.
I know that's never a good sign, but I'm crossing my fingers it's just cause he doesn't want to leave our room for fear of running into this week's nemesis, Mischu, his Egyptian Mau brother.

I'm staying positive and hoping that the heat has just made him grumpy.

Here's hoping we can make some progress in this room and finally call it complete!

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