Monday, July 25, 2011

Deal of the Day: Paper Towels

I know its not very "green" of me to use paper towels but with 3 animals, they're just a necessity around Casa Savoy!

We ran out this weekend, which was the worst as we have two sick animals and someone who is secretly going to the washroom where they shouldn't be....

Last night I scouted some online flyers to see who had the best buys!

Shoppers Drug Mart had a couple of deals that worked for me:

~Scott towels are currently on for $4.99/6 pack. With my $2.00 off coupon=$2.99

~Life brand towels $0.69/2 pack. Limit is 4. Making cost for 6 rolls $2.76.

So for under $6.00, I am scoring 12 rolls! Pretty good!
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carebear3117 said...

We go through so much paper towel and toilet paper with the four of us. I always stock up at Shoppers. This week they had 8 roll packs of paper towel for $1.99. So cheap! I picked up 8 packs (64 rolls) for only $16.00. That should last us for months!

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

I stocked up on the cheap paper towels myself as well. Plus, I made my usual loop around the store and stocked up on some tear pads coupons they had in store (U by Kotex and Alberto hair products). While I didn't need them that trip, I am sure we'll put them to use soon enough!