Thursday, July 7, 2011

A surprise Project completion and a lot more work to go....

I mentioned the other day that Cory was suddenly productive...without even being asked.  Well, actually I have been asking for almost an entire year, when I got this as a Birthday gift from my mom:

Yup, it's nothing fancy nor really all that exciting, but it's UP!!

It took a couple hours over 2 nights after work, but with only 5 minutes of assistance from myself, Cory got this thing mounted all on his own!

Considering that he doesn't have much handy-man experience and that the ceiling in the garage is very high... I'm pretty proud of him!

Now that the opener is installed, we just need to clean it up a bit and clear out some of the crap and finish some of the projects currently taking up valubale floor space!

Here's a sneak peek at what I'm talking about:

The workbench area isn't TOO bad... but I think it could use a lot more work.

This wall (or actually the floor in front of it) is the biggest culprit.  There are furniture pieces waiting to be worked on.  Camping gear that doesn't have a home, a couple bikes, lots of gardening tools, garbage and random landscaping blocks and the like that need to be re-located.

The floor to ceiling shelving that extends the entire other wall is fantastic.  But again, as the garage is Cory's area, it needs a little help.

I'll be tackling the garage this weekend while the guys get the rest of the fence up.  Hopefully, we'll be able to fit the SUV in there by the time I am finished!!

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