Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Learning a New Trick!

So I used a palm sander for the first time tonight... No, I'm not kidding - I have a thing with sandpaper, so it's always been one of those nails on chalkboard kinda things for me. 

When it's come to projects, either my mom or Cory has always had to do things for me.  But since the pile of projects waiting to be sanded so that they could be started was getting bigger every day, I figured I could maybe talk myself into it. 
Cory was pretty sure that something going fast, like a palm sander wouldn't creep me out as much as literally scraping a sanding block on wood would, and since mom had gotten us one two years ago for Christmas, I figured I could at least TRY it before admitting defeat.

So after work, I found the thing in Cory's workbench and then proceeded to try and figure it out.  I was completely lost, and the manual made me even more so....  So I set it down (not away...) and waited for him to get home.  Once we figured out how to get the paper on there (he's not so handy either...) I got to try it out.

And you know what?  It DOESN'T BUG ME!!!

Unfortunately, the whole thing lasted about 7 minutes because all we had for sandpaper was the sample sheets that came with the sander, but I am excited to get to work on the piles of stuff waiting to be refinished!!!

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