Thursday, July 14, 2011

Highs and Lowes...

First up, the lowes:

We've been having a RIDICULOUS (and that's an understatement) amount of rain here lately.  Over the past month we've had very few nice days.  But it's rained a lot.  And hailed.  and rained REALLY HARD FOR DAYS.  So needless to say, the lawn was getting it's fair share.  While that saved on our water bill, it also presented a problem:

The rain, coupled (i'm sure) with the fact that we grass cycle and leave our clippings on the lawn, atributed to some new occupants in our lawn.... MUSHROOMS!! 

There are no pictures of the offenders as I am out there getting rid of them as soon as one appears.  Plus, I'm actually horrifically embarassed by them.  I mean, the lawn is less than a year old!!  Plus, I am pretty proud to admit that I was taking wonderful care of the yard.  I'd be out there every night after work, pulling errant weeds from the shrub bed, mowing and whacking the grass to keep it sporting a chic and stylish 'do.   But apparently, it's not uncommon in new sod, especially in new builds as often time careless builders leave construction debris, and then it gets covered and decomposes, making it ideal mushroom growing conditions.

So, off we headed to get something to take care of the problem.  I'll admit, we were initially headed to Home Depot, since it was always our go-to place.  But on the way, we remembered that Lowes had recently opened, and we hadn't been in there yet.  Plus, it was a tad closer...

We were pleasantly surprised when we went inside.  The variety of products was different than everything else we'd been seeing everywhere lately.  We did get sidetracked, but eventually found ourselves in the seasonal section picking up a fungicide.  We couldn't find something specifically for mushrooms, so we ended up going with this option:

I've been picking the mushrooms as soon as they sprout, and then giving the affected area a good blast and then covering the whole area around the tree that they're growing a good coating.  But so far, they seem to still be coming back and quite rapidly I might add.

I'm wondering if anyone else knows a good treatment.  Or are we just gonna have to dig out the area and either put in new sod a bed of some sort....?

But, the visit to Lowes did have a high:  I spotted the gorgeous quatrefoil mirror that John and Sherry have in their master bath window!!

I'll most definitely be making a trip back there to pick one up for myself.

But seriously, about the mushrooms, HELP!!!


carebear3117 said...

Our summer here in Edmonton has been so wet this year. I don't have any mushrooms in my grass but I have some in my mulch. As soon as it dries up they go away. I read somewhere that if you just leave them be they will go away. I could be wrong. Are they in a low spot in your lawn with poor drainage?

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

Thankfully the last little while has been pretty nice. I'm hoping it will keep up into the weekend as we have a wedding to attend! :)

Our lawn was only put in last summer, so we didn't imagine we'd have some issues, but there were some spots that people walked on when it was still pretty new, so there was probably some low spots. Plus, we put some fertilizer/seed on some spots where the dog pee killed the grass and I think that the majority of the 'shrooms are in THOSE areas....