Monday, July 25, 2011

Date Night: Taste of Edmonton

We had a very busy weekend over here at Casa Savoy!  Friday night, we had plans with Cory's sister and her husband but since our plans were outdoors and it was raining, we opted for getting some pizza delivered and headed out to Friends with Benefits which I really liked.  Yes, we thought it would be very similar to the recent "Just Friends", but MUCH better!!!  I loved Mila Kunis in this.  She's so cute.  Loved her wardrobe in this as well!

Yesterday, we did some running around and a trip to the vet for Finley who apparently an upper respiratory infection or "kennel cough" if you will.  She most likely contracted it from another dog at the dog park.  Not fun!!  Our poor little girl is hacking and vomiting and sneezing and sounds awful.  She's really not doing well with it/  But thankfully, we got her on some antibiotics now and a cough supressant. But we're quarantined and must keep her away from other dogs for a minimum a week... and our vacation plans are up in the air!  But since her medications make her drowsy, we took advantage of it and headed out of town for a party out of town at a friend's parent's home.  I wish I had brought my camera or even my camera for that matter... I snagged a couple poor quality shots from Cory's phone that were even worse when I emailed them to myself....

Gorgeous 5400 sq. ft home with an amazing backyard that included this little beauty:

We just don't DO pools in Alberta....  soo jealous!

Today, we hit up Taste of Edmonton for a lovely little Date Night!!

$55 dollars worth of tickets and we were both stuffed!!  Some of the delicious goodies we sampled were:
~Chicken satays   ~ chocolate peanut butter chunks     ~sweet potato fries    ~pyrohy    ~spankopita
~garlic and tomato salad     ~chicken enchiladas    ~strawberry frozen yogurt    ~green onion cakes

Plus much more!  I like going with Cory cause we each get a dish and then split it, and then we move on to the next set of booths.  Yum!

It was a beautiful evening and we really had a great night!!  Hope you had a great weekend as well!

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