Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Style Feature: Eclectic Traditional Home

I'm suppossed to be getting together with my sister in law this weekend to do a garage sale, but thought I would share one of my recent favorite homes.

This home, belongs to Style at Home Design Editor Christine Hanlon.  Her home has been featured in the magazine a few times and each time it gets an update, I still love it.  Here's some snaps from the most current incarnation:

The gorgeous white mantel reminds me a lot of ours. 
I'm also now thinking that maybe line for our sofas is a good idea.  Love the garden stool and the bamboo table!!

While I wouldn't probably pick the chartreuse for my own home, I love it here!

Great mix of texures, patterns and colors on the sofa.
I like that they have layered the side tables, as we all know it's sometimes hard to actually reach them.

From afar, the chairs look grey.  I love that they have a patten that still can read as a neutral.
Perfect looks with such a simple color palette.

Love the simple wallpaper. The doors are awesome.
I'm not sure though if there are 2 dining rooms in this space or perhaps her "nook" is also done up quite nicely.
I think I might want to try out a white table.  Looks a lot less maintenancey than my glossy dark one....

I am totally gonna steal this idea of using a small chest instead of a whole sideboard.  Since we don't have room for one in our space, a pretty blue chest like this would be perfect!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!  Who knows, I might be back with more later on!

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