Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things I am Loving Right Now...

I think I need to pick up some of these knobs for an upcoming project I am dreaming about!

I have been loving this dish towel since I saw it months ago.  It's the perfect style for our classic, modern very dark kitchen.

This towel ring NEEDS to find a place in our house.  It's the perfect scale and size for our yet to be started basement washrooom though!

I have come to terms with the fact that due to forces beyond our control, we are unable to even start the landscaping or fence project in our backyard.  They will happen next year, which is great since I can save even more money for the yard of my dreams!  In the meantime, I am dreaming of this firepit:
We desperately need a new dining set.  Our table top is worn, the chairs are strating to creak.  Our set was cheap, purchased as a single gal out on her own for the first time.  It has served us well over the past few years, but I am ready for an upgrade.  I would love something simple and chic like this:

I have been stalking these two pieces online lately, waiting for their prices to drop a bit, I think I just might HAVE to give in though this week.
The perfectly antique frame.  To paint white and start a gorgeous arrangement on my stairwell walls!

Painted out in white, this would work perfectly in any room of the house!

Loving this cherry blossom bedding!   Unfortunately, I have no place for it!

I am pretty sure I am going to go grey and white in the guest bedroom when we get around to it. 
 Here is a great inspiration shot:


aqua knob, tea towel, grey bedding - Anthropologie

towel ring, cherry blossom bedding - Urban Outfitters

frame & mirror - online ads (I'm not linking so they don't get stolen from me...)

firepit - Walmart

Dining Set - Ashley Furniture


Colleen said...

...great post!...I tried to find the t towel (love it) @ Anthropologie but couldn't???...any ideas?

Cindy said...

I saw that towel online a few months back. Aak! Could they really have gotten rid of it? It was super cute! Maybe you could ask an associate to see if they still carry it or if has sadly, gone the way of the dinosaurs!

Guess that means I will need to pop on there sometime this week and scout out some new beauties!

Rebecca said...

Love those knobs!!! Between those beauties and the seaglass ones Holly posted about I think I MUST head down to Anthro ASAP!!!