Sunday, June 27, 2010

Introducing Finley Dawn!

This sweet little girl has been keeping me from projects lately!

So far, she is a perfect little leash walker who is eager to get to know the cats, despite their feelings towards her, and she is such a love bug.

Unfortunately, she is used to being with others and the cats not having taken to her is driving her insance... apparently it's a little boring and quiet around here for her!  HAHA!
But we anticipate the three of them being best of buddies soon enough so she will have some playmates!

Our one worry, she still has not taken to her kennel.  Like, AT ALL!  Sure, she will go inside and accept treats and praise for doing so.  But as soon as you shut the door, all hell breaks loose.

I will admit that this has not gone over well in our house and admittedly, we've broken the rules about just ignoring it and "it will stop..." as people like to say.
As unfortunately,it DOES NOT STOP!!!  Nope, this little lady barked non-stop for over 6 hours last night!!

We had resorted to ear plugs and apologizing to our neighbours in our heads.  Unfortunately, when one of us needs to get up at 5am to be at work on the weekends, what ends up happening is that she learns to sleep on the floor by the bed.

There haven't been any accidents, except for one time that was my fault.  She needed to go but I thought it was more important to go first myself, then took too long and as I reached down to let her out, had a back spasm and collapsed on the floor.  Poor thing couldn't wait any longer and had to go!
You could tell she meant well, so we aren't worried in general.  However on days when I work, we were hoping to kennel her for the first little while.

We're going to have to do a lot of training between now and Tuesday if we expect that to happen.  Wish us luck!

In lieu of projects though, here's my favorite photo so far:

She is such a daddy's girl and he in unbelievably proud to be hers!

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Holly and Sean said...

Welcome home Finley!! What a cutie~