Saturday, July 3, 2010

My New BFF

WOW!  I never meant to take the whole week off.... Infact, it was even a short one for me, and I had lots of stuff to post about.  But stuff happens...

Anyhow, I thought I would share with you, a little info on my new bff.  You know, the one I have been spending so much time with lately.  Here she is:

Yes, this little beauty and I have been spending a fair bit of time getting to know one another, since our other newest addition has been finding it difficult to make it outside to do her business every time...

But, on the up  side, I finally got a carpet cleaner!  I have wanted one for years, especially since we were always in rentals before, with LOTS of carpet.  Now that we only have carpet upstairs ( despite my desire for a completely carpet-free home..) we opted for this portable option since we don't need to do the full house all the time.

This thing is wonderful.  I could only find the newer version with Proheat, which ended up being perfect since hot water is probably the way to go when you are dealing with puppy pee!

If you have pets or kids, I definitely recommend this!  Although, I would prefer not to have to use it anymore, if you know what I am saying!

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Alana said...

The Little Green machine is amazing! Pets, kids, clumsy adults, it is a lifesaver!