Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Potted Patio

Since it's highly unlikely that our builder will get around to doing our grading, nevermind the landscaping this year, we will most likely be dealing with a mud pit for another year. :(

For what it's worth though, we really enjoy sitting on the back deck, enjoying dinner, drinks or conversations with good friends, regardless of the crappy view below.  But, since I really can't go without some pretty blooms, I visited Home Depot this weekend to add a little color to our otherwise bleak deck.

Here's a few of my pretty pots:

This one has turned out wonderfully!  I love the mix of the bright pink mini roses with the dusty miller in that perfect blue pot!

Another pot with mini roses:
I also added some texture with another silvery looking plant, the name of which I can not remember right now.

I LOVE how full I filled this pot. The mixture of tall spikes and low floppy blooms is perfect!

I didn't want to spend a ton on perrenials and I love the purple with the beigey-tan of our house and patio cushions, so PANSIES & VIOLAS dominate this little arrangement of pots on the side table!

We bought this railing pot the other day and Cory modified it with some wood from the construction site next door to make it fit snugly.  I filled it with snapdragons and mini violas.   The have actually started to bloom from all this rain!  I can't wait until the pot fills out - I stuffed it right good!

It started to rain as I was planting and hasn't really stopped since, so for the meantime everything is sitting like this:

Which gives me the perfect view of pretty flowers from the patio doors.  But I think that once everything blooms and the pots are spread out ( and i get some more...) thinks will perk up nicely out there!

Now, only to do something about this rain...

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