Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Surprised unusual movie choice

I had my permanent filling for the crappy tooth that was causing me so much pain, put in after work tonight!  It left me pretty frozen for most of the evening, so I wasn't really feeling up to finishing anything on my plate.  In fact, I sat on the couch and didn't do much else.  But there wasn't much on tv, so I checked out what was new movie wise.....  The only one I was semi-interested in seeing was Julie & Julia....and even that was a stretch.

But I threw it on, and decided that if I hated it, I could always turn it off.... it just didn't strike me as something that would interest me.  Not sure why really.   Well boy was I ever wrong!

Great movie!!  It inspired me to start cooking.... at least a little bit... maybe......  we'll see...

But anyways, if you haven't seen it yet, do so immediately.  Although I am probably the only one who hadn't so I might be preaching to the choir.

That's all for tonight, hope you were more productive than I.

Tomorrow night, a progress report on the ottoman that I just about finished last week, but then there was an issue.... so I quit in frustration.. more on that tomorrow.

Have a good night!

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