Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anticipating Alfresco Dining

I don't know about you, but we've been having some great weather lately (with the exception of today, and the random snow...).  I can't wait for sunny evenings, so that we can have dinner out on the deck.

One of the only things we bought for the new house last year was a patio set, but if we hadn't purchased one, I'd seriously consider snagging this picnic table from Coscto:

Cory pointed this beauty out when we strolled past the meat aisle.
(excuse the stuff piled on top and around it... it was the end of the night and the aisle were a mess)

Incidently enough, last week my boss asked me to source out some picnic tables for our new office's rooftop "green" roof.  I think 4 of these out there, would be perfect for lunch or even occassional happy hour.  I immediately grabbed my cell and snagged a picture for him. 
At less than $400 each, they're the perfect fit to our contremporary building, and will be great to lounge on for lunchtime barbecues and Friday happy hours!

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Nycol said...

Love your blog. I tried to look for this picnic table but i was unable to find it. Any idea who made this or what brand? So i can go straight to the makers.
Please e-mail me back at Thank you Cindy