Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dining Room Delight!

Two years ago, when we first moved into the townhouse, I had a strange idea to add some artwork in our dining room.  I knew someone out there needed to carry what I was looking for, but I had yet to see it, and figured that if anyone did, it would be absurdly expensive.  I eventually found a cute, small version that was less than $20.

About a month ago, I heard from my boss' wife that she had found them a while back, but she mentioned they were HUGE in scale and insanely expensive, so I kinda forgot about it.... her decorating budget for the several million dollar home they just built, far exceeded mine...

Anyhow, a little browsing this week, brought up this:


These large fork and spoon pieces are exactly what I wanted!  (except hung right side up...)

How perfect that they are ON SALE! 
Even better that I decided last week that I hate the artwork currently hanging in the dining room.

I will be popping in this weekend when I check for ottoman cushions to see if they live up to my expectations!

Pier 1 , I LOVE YOU!!

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