Friday, March 19, 2010

Painterly Progress... an update on the Bamboo Ottomans

Who knew it would take so many cans of primer to get a nice, even coverage on my ottomans?

I have to go and buy a third can this weekend, so I can actually finish them this weekend!

In between intense tooth pain, migraines, working, some crazy family stuff and heading off to the cabin last weekend, I've been working on the ottomans.  The first one got it's 2nd coat of glossy white paint tonight.  I will have to check it in natural light tomorrow evening to see how it's turning out.

**No sneak peeks, as I don't want to ruin the big reveal**

The 2nd ottoman, had a small repair on the cane and a broken bamboo rung on the seat.  They were both easily fixed courtesy of my glue gun.  The 2nd coat of primer went on tonight, but unfortunately the cold weather returned today, so I want to make sure it's drying completely.

I've started browsing for some cushions online, but I haven't yet found any winners.  I like the shape of these ones from Pier 1 but I am not loving any of the colors or patterns I've seen yet.

I am thinking I want to keep them in the blue shades that we have everywhere else in the house.  They have plenty of blue fabric selections, like these, but I will certainly have to run down there and take a peek:
(This one's a bit too eclectic for me)
(This reversible option, might be too traditional)

If anyone sees something a little more contemporary, but the right shape, let me know!

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