Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two Historic Hotels: A Chandelier Story

I hadn't been in either of these hotels for years, so it was nice to visit them this weekend and get some shots of the grand old interiors.

Most of it (the carpets) were a little gaudy and not to my taste, but the light fixtures were crazy beautiful.

Take a peek:

This HUGE beauty was the first thing we saw in the lobby. With gorgeous ladies holding torches of light!

These iron beauties were everywhere!!  I need something (smaller) like this for my dining room, I think!

These bucks were the perfect foil to the gorgeous feminine iron chandeliers!

This trio of flying people led the way to the dining room.

Love this antler one!  Very rustic considering the room you are about to enter features this:

I can't very well follow this with anything more dramatic... so I guess that ends this post.  While they aren't necessarily items I'd chose for my own home, it was neat to get some interesting photos!

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