Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Take a Load Off Out!

When doing up the contract for our new house, one of the things I negotiated with them for, was a front loading washer and dryer. Not only do I think they look so much nicer, but I think that from a space-saving/maximizing perspective, it makes so much more sense, to go that route.

We recently found out, that the builder has agreed to upgrade our set to front loaders. YAY!! Now, they'll still be builder grade I'm sure.... but at least I have the ability to add a counter to the top and make the whole thing look like a built in.

One laundry room, in particular that I am quite taken with, is Sarah Richardson's from Season 1 of Sarah's House I love everything about the space!!

I don't think there is a thing in this space that I don't like, and I am particularly fond of the metallic backsplash.

I'm really going to try and re-create something similar to this space when we finish our laundry room, however I am thinking it coudl get pretty expensive, and I may have to lower my budget and do with something a little less "glam" , like Sarah did in the Season 2 of Sarah's House.

This, equally as pretty room, was done on a much lower budget and still creates a bright, fresh effect that's perfect for a laundry room.

What do you think? Got a great laundry space? Send me your pictures of post a link to your site!

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