Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In our new house, one thing that was a non-negotiable with me, is that we had to upgrade the floors!! There was no way I was gonna shell out a ton of money, for Builder-grade carpet and linoleum for the main floor. So we've written in a flooring allowance and will make the decisions in the next couple months, as we start visiting the design centre. But we're pretty sure we're going to do a collaboration of some sort of tile and hardwood or laminate, depending on the cost.
Anyhow, while I love the idea of not having carpet to worry about from a cleanliness perspective ( this is especially good, since we have animals). I am a little worried about adjusting to not being as able to pad around barefoot without slippers. I have decided though, that I'd love to do a nice area rug for the carpet, just to cozy-things up!
I've been looking into the idea of using carpet tiles, because I like to price point, as well - we are spillers and I like that I wouldn't have to worry about ruining a whole rug... if something gets stained, I can just throw it away and replace it! :)
Here are some of the FLOR options I am liking:

My favorite so far has to be this Botanical pattern in blue. Each box has tiles with the botanical in three different sized patterns.

I am liking the colors in this Lane Change Stripe as well, but think it might be a little too moderny-popish for us.

This beautiful blue is my accent color throughout the house, and with 4 shades of the same tone, mixes it up a bit. But might be a bit too blue for Cory.

I like that this one has more than one color in it, to give a really textural appearance to it. Plus, we can see it looks really nice with couches similar to our color! :)

The perfect combination. This Seagrass style has our three colors: cream, turquoise and chocolate!! Plus it's a Martha Stewart Design... so can't go wrong!

Lastly, we are both surprisingly attracted to cowhide rugs. Unfortunately, our kitties seem to have a disliking to any real hides: leather couches, rabbit fur moccassin boots - they sense a need to destroy the prey. So I am not sure I want to take my chances in shelling out all that money for a real hide, when I could get a similar look with Stampede:


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