Friday, January 23, 2009

Enter here!

Living in an apartment, and then an oddly laid out townhouse, I've never really had a great front entrance. Mind you, I never really had a lot of house guests, so it was never much of an issue.

Now that we're moving into a home of our own, with a proper front door and entrance, and I'm thinking about what I will need to furnish and decorate the space, I figured it couldn't hurt to use Style at Home's check list on what you need for a properly outfitted front entrance.

1. A closet - you might be laughing, but not everyone has one. A rolling coat rack, armoire, coat rack or row of hooks are all alternatives to this.

2. Row of hooks. This is especially necessary useful who have kids. If you don't have space for hooks, or your interior is quite formal, these can go on the back of closet doors.

3.Containers for mitts, scarves and hats. Especially living in a cold weather climate, it's important. Whether you put them on the top shelf, or even on the bottom of the closet, it's important to have them, and be able to grab them and see what's in them.

4. Boot or shoe rack. But make sure it's something where the footwear doesn't sit in the water, which can wreck some leather footwear.

5. A place to sit . Whether it's the stairs, a bench or a stool, people need a place to sit and put on their shoes.

6. Tabletop or shelf. A place to toss small everyday items like your keys, wallet and sunglasses. Plus, you can put anything you want to take with you, when you next go out on this table.

7. A home for your keys. The most commonly misplaced item, needs an important home. A bowl, tray or dish atop a table or shelf, or inside a drawer is ideal


TWB said...

Nice checklist! I learned a lot about setting up an entrance.

Katie said...

woe is me...I am one of those people that do not have a coat closet. And boy, would I love it if I did. I need a place for guests' coats and purses really bad...oh well, the couch will have to do for now :)

great list though - I'll have to reference it when it comes to my foyer redo :)

20-Something Superhero said...

Oh no, that sucks. I've never not had a hall closet, so I'm not sure what I would do, to be honest. I'm gonna have to say hooks for sure, since a freestanding piece would take up so much space. Thankfully the gothic-looking ones I have, would work even in a traditional space. Best part? They're quality hooks (very substantial), gorgeous and were $1.00 years ago. Even at 16, I had the foresight to pick them up!!