Monday, January 5, 2009


Well, conincidentally, the New Year is also falling at the same time as my current obsession: Cleaning, De-culuttering and Purging.
I've been feeling pretty stiffled lately by the amount of "stuff" in our house, and with thinking about the new house a lot lately, I've realized that we will be moving into something a bit smaller, and with a different layout, that will require us to be very organized.

So operation - Clean Sweep is in effect.

For the next couple weeks, I will be squeezing in an area here and there and completely emptying, sorting, purging, cleaning and re-organizing. Tonight, I will be tackling the main bathroom, upstairs coat closet and the broom closet. As I go along, I'll post pictures of my befores and afters ( I'm relatively neat so there might not be such a transformation, but hopefully my purging will add extra space ).

But for the meantime, here are some beautiful organized spaces, care of Martha Stewart.

This pretty hall closet makes good sense. I love the idea of having the baskets and stuff below the rod, which makes it much easier to reach!! I'm gonna make a switch tonight and assess what new things I need to buy!

I am loving the idea of having tools mounted to the inside of the door. Right now, we just have a small tool kit, but this is very accessible. Definetly an option for the new house!

Oh WOW!! Talk about staging! I don't know about you, but MY medicine cabinet does not look this pretty, and I have half the stuff in mine. I guess that's because I don't only have travel sized, monochromatic bottles of stuff in mine. Also, this one is incredibly deep-looking. Mine is not. We recently got on board with using magnets inside ours as well!

This is a great idea. I have my own version, in the form of a collapsible plastic crate. works wonders, especially for transporting things into the house. I don't carry a lot in the car, but I can see this being perfect for someone with kids!

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