Monday, January 26, 2009

Hardware Haven

Over at Casa Thibault/Savoy, we like updating our pieces with new hardware. In fact, in thinking a lot about the new place, and the new pieces I would like to bring into it. I realized that a couple of the pieces will require either updating, or adding hardware.

Thankfully, years ago, my mom turned me on to one of the most amazing stores. Lee Valley has the largest collection of hardware I've ever seen in my life!! My mom gets the catalogues and it's no surprise I've perused through on occassion, selecting dream hardware for every piece in my life.

Anyhow, I've been thinking alot about what pieces will be lucky enough to make the move, and one I had forgotten about it a jewellery chest I designed, and mom made for me years ago. Why haven't I mentioned it before? Well, it's been sitting, unfinished for years, in dad's basement! Unfortunately, while she buolt it for free, it was up to me to pay for the hardware and anything else to add to it. Which was totally fair, but not something I could afford.

But, it makes no sense to leave it sitting, wasted in the basement, so I am going to splurge this year and buy myself some hardware, and maybe flock the drawers. Since the cabinet was designed with the idea of an Apothocary Chest/Library card catlogue in mind, I chose the same style of hardware ( Item B in the photo) . However, this cabinet, has a ton of drawers, so it's gonna be costly.

For now, this is on the to-do list, and I am giving myself til the end of the year to do it. Don't worry, I don't plan on taking that long, and I will post pics as the project takes shape!!

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