Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Custom Creations

So, upon further inspection of our new house last week, it was determined that we will be losing some closet space in our new home. Yup, the walk-in closet in our masterbedroom, is a little smaller, and laid out a little different. Plus, the addition of a little window, means we lose all that wall space. Booo!! :(
Here is a closet, that although, won't work in our space, are realistic enough looking to re-create.

This would be an ideal sitation, with shelves, lots of hanging rods, and tons of purse storage.

The only thing I don't like about these hanging rods, is that there seems to be way too many hangers crammed in each section.... it looks like you wouldn't be able to grab a pair of pants out of there...

I love that they've maximized the space under shorter items like tops for shoe storage.

Also, loving the idea of having a drawer for clutches, mine are currently in clear rubbermaid totes.

A true jewelery chest! If only I had that much stuff!! But this might be the ideal time for me to get the jewelery cabinet my mom made, out of my dad's basement!

While I am getting rid of my vanity station in the new house (we have a en suite bath), I have always loved this one and think a cabinet like this might be perfect under the window for even more storage!!

Anyhow, while I love this closet and the vanity, both from Domino , and it would be prefect if I was on my own, I will be sharing the space again with Cory. (We have put separate walk-ins on the wishlist for house #2 lol). So I'm gonna use the afternoon to peruse more practical solutions and I'll show you what I find.

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