Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sweet Find: fingers crossed!!

So I occassionally peruse the different classified sections of different sites for buying/selling and trades, hoping that I will find a good deal. Mostly, I am looking for house stuff like furniture I can re-finish. Well, I have yet to find something amazing......

Until today that is!!

I am in dire need of a new sideboard. The Barrister's cabinet we re-finished this summer doesn't quite look right. Enter this beauty I just came across:

I absolutely love this Mission style. Apparently, this is solid wood as well, and looks in great shape. Best part? They price! They're giving this baby away for free!!! Only stipulation is that you need to come and pick it up yourself!! Well we have a truck so I think that sounds wonderful!!

I may want to paint/stain it a different color as it's a far different wood color than anything we have in our home..... but I love the style and it looks nice and solid. I have an email into the "seller", and hope to hear from her soon.

I'll keep you posted!

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