Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Small Space Tips

Now that we'll be moving to a bit of a smaller space, with a different style configuration than we've been used to, I've been doing a lot of thinking of how to best maximize the space.

Thankfully, downsizing has become popular in the last couple years, and there were plenty of tips. Here are some, I picked up, via Style At Home .

1. Go vertical. Use all the space in your house. Adding shelves above doorways, or even right up to the ceiling maximizes storage and unused space.

2. Lighten Up! Banish the dark-hole feeling by adding more light to your space.

3. See clearly. Adding glass shelves to your windows is a great way to maximize storage, and also can provide a bit of privacy without window "treatments".

4. Coffee what??Just cause it's a coffee table, doesn't mean it only has to serve one purpose, using a storage chest or ottoman, increases your storage. This tip is especially great for people with children!

5. Soup up your sofa table. Using a low bookshelf behind your sofa, gives you a nice decorative top for display, and even more storage below.

6. Floors that go on and on.... If you keep the same flooring throughout your space, it will create a longer visual line, and make the room look bigger. Different flooring chops a space up.

7. Window framing. Adding a low bookshelf below your window uses that lesser used space.

8. Use your outdoor space. Extend your living to decks, patios, porches.

9. Use your hallway for something other than walking. You know that long, unused, unattractive space? Try adding box shelves to extend your storage. If your worried about the clutter, add some doors to the mix.

10. Multi-tasking tables. A great idea for a nighstand or even end table is to use a wicker hamper. Beneath the lid, store extra linens or blankets. This works fantastic in a small guest room.

11. Who says that coffee table is just for your cuppa joe? Table top always cluttered?? Buying one with shelves/drawers provides storage and rids you of visual clutter.

12. Studly shelves. Build storage right in your walls. Maximize of the space between walls studs, and carve out little shelving niches.

13. Pare-down. Buy less pieces, but make them bigger, to cut down on visual clutter. To that same effect, choosing upholstery, with simple, untextured fabric, is more clean-looking.

14. Functional feng-shui. Arranging furniture so that they do not block windows and doors, visually opens the space.

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