Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Martha's Basement

A while back, I posted about the guest house of none other than Martha Stewart. Being a moderate fan of some of her stuff, I figured it might be nice to see some of the other rooms in her home(s). When I came across some photos of her basement today, courtesy of Martha Stewart I have to say I was pretty disappointed. The spaces were purely functional. Neat and orderly, for sure. However, pretty and dream-worthy, not so much. I actually thought some areas, like the laundry area, seemed kind of industrial. However, on a good note, they all seemed pretty attainable and resembled what I think a lot of "real people" have in their basements. So, just for that, I'm gonna post the pics to show you all, that despite how awful you think your basement is, or how little money you have to put into re-doing it.... you can still make it look like Martha's....

Yes, Martha's basment has storage, and there's nothing all too fancy about it. Racks hold screens and storm doors amd simple storage shelves hold labelled plastic totes. One thing I do like, is the metal risers she has her furniture on. These babies will keep her furniture safe, in case of flood.

Apparently she lucked out and got a pair of terracotta sinks with her house (not shown), so that worked out well. The large countertop has been padded and covered in muslin, which is a great soft surface for folding or ironing. Those industrial-looking wheeled baskets cart all the laundry around. Looks like her cats are like mine, and love fresh laundry!!

This is certainly the opposite of what I imagined the Domestic Diva to use as a craft station...but essentially it has everything she needs! I am loving the kraft paper roll right on the desk and may have to get one for myself!

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