Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kitchen Goodies

My personal email box is always full, I get a lot of emails about hot, new items from all over the place.
While perusing sites this afternoon, here are a few kitchen-themed beauties available over at . Some are pure kitchy goodness, others are utiliarian and practical, either way, I love them all.

How cute is this cake? Looks a lot more labour-intensive than it is, which is great for me, Heck, being as the mold is silicone, apparently you can even use it to microwave a cake in 6 minutes!!!! I mean, I think I prefer the oven... but you never know, I can be pretty lazy. At $40.00 this is a great little investment, I am thinking of picking up!

One of Cory's favorite thing to make, is his McSavoy Breakfast Sandwiches ( basically his version of McDonald's Egg McMuffin.), but he can't find egg molds he likes.... I wonder if these egg poachers will work for the same effect??

As frequent entertainers, I am always hunting down the bottle opener for guests. This little beauty sticks to the fridge (is apparently very strong) and works with any bottle. Since it doesn't have to be removed, there's no worry of losing it. Plus, it doesn't clash with your decor.

I dont know bout you, but I am always leaving my glass somewhere at a party and then trying to track it down. Unfortunately, my drinks aren't usually in wine glasses, so those little glass charms don't work for me. But this "Hello my name is..." coaster might!! Plus, after the party, they're magnetic so you can either stack them or stick em to the fridge.

ust the act of someone cutting onions, burns my eyes... These Onion Goggles should do the trick, also available in pink, these airtight goggles, prevent dinner prep from ruining your makeup!

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