Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not quite right...

You may remember that for the longest time, I was stuck with what to do with the walls in the living room. Faced with the super high, vaulted ceilings to the open loft, that were essentially capped by a ledge running the entire perimeter of the main floor.... everything was feeling a little dwarfed and not quite right. I had created a little canvas with a fabric that I absolutely loved. But something about it, still didn't look right.

I realize that perhaps the canvas was a little small ( I didn't measure, just eyed it up), but maybe it was hung too high. The price for getting it framed was far beyond my means.

So out an about one afternoon, this canvas caught my eye! I thought it would be the perfect color for the space and Cory thought it looked best above the sofa. But for whatever reason, I still think there is something else missing.

Then there was the perpendicular wall, that was huge and completely bare, save for a couple potted plants we put at the base of the sub-wall ut out by the fireplace.

On the same trip, I found my true favorite. I was surprised by the choice as the reds and organges in it, are so NOT me.... but I loved it. I didn't care the price this pretty piece came home with me!!!

I'll have to get a full-room shot with it inside.. but it looks pretty and is the right size for that wall for sure!

**I am hoping that all these new pieces will find their new homes in the new house!!**

If you have any placement or hanging suggestions, I'm all ears!!


Liz said...

These look great! As far as placement goes, I'm not one to give advice. I keep moving things all over the house, pounding more holes in the wall.

20-Something Superhero said...

It's nice hear to hear positive feedback. Actually, it's nice to get comments at all :) I wish more people would do so!! Thanks!