Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Impressions

Our front door is not often used. Living in a carriage style house, our "front door" is technically on the side of a building, and doesn't even face a street, but a grass courtyard. We also, primarily enter our own home from the garage.

This makes me really sad, as I think the front entrance is such a fun area to dress-up. However, Cory has restricted me from spending too much money for an area that no one will really see.

So in an effort to make the best first impression for the visitors we get, as well as appeal to my desire to make all areas pretty, here's the bare minimum I've done, on a super huge budget:

Here's what our front door looks like as of the other night. Unfortunately the Harvest wreath is being retired tonight. So stay tuned later in the week for a transformation.

Step inside and leave your boots on this pretty little mat. This was a $25 score from Zellers .

I saw it from afar, and the colors drew me in ( they're much more vivid in person).

**Note - the mat is not dirty, it's abused lol - the cats love the feel of it on their claws, so they use it as a scratching post lol**

This is really all there is when you come in... you can go up or down (excuse the pic it's from Construction) ** I will note, that we did add a painting by Cory's uncle on that wall heading downstairs.

This is the front door, from the angle Cory and I see it from, as we come up from the basement. I've kept it pretty basic, but still pretty. The black framed mirror is a Debbie Travis score from Canadian Tire that I got for my birthday a couple years back.

I originally wanted to hang some beautiful black, Gothic, wrought-iron hooks under the mirror for guests to hang their coats, but Cory was worried that anything protruding into this area would be a bad idea.

See, as there are so many stairs coming up, and with us often carrying things, he didn't want anyone to get hurt. Which is also the same reason we don't have a nice, big potted plant in this space.

There are coat closets on both the lower level entry, and upstairs at the main floor, so we have no need for a console table. Plus the stairs serve as seating for putting on/taking off shoes.

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