Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflecting on it all... I scored me a knock-off!

One of the first things my mom did when she started renovating her little old house, was to remove all the mirrors the previous owner had put up. I think that person was trying to use the old decorator's trick of making a room house look bigger by adding mirrors. It was simply not working in this place. They even had a mirrored backsplash in the kitchen....

Anyhow, afterwards there was only one large one, that still in really good shape- but she had no use for it. So she called me up, asking if I still wanted that large mirror from Ikea. I did, and said yeah, but didn't really have space for it right now, so wasn't going to buy it. She asked if I wanted her to make me one instead.

I was a little skeptical at how it was going to look. Especially since my mom's style is pretty traditional, and the mirror - the Mogstad from Ikea, is NOT. But she really wanted to do it, so I let her go to town.

Last week, when she came for Christmas, she showed up with this:
Boy, was I impressed. It turned out great, even though it doesn't show so well in the photo... I need to work on my photography skills for sure!! I wasn't sure if we had a place to put it, but after a little brainstorming and some picture moving, the wall in our bedroom was the perfect place for this full-length stunner.

**Mom put 4 coats of this ebony stain on it, and it was still pretty light. She left me the can and I will probably add a few more to get it a little closer in color to the rest of the furniture!

Thanks Mom!!

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