Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Star v.s. Angel?

At Casa Thibault/ Savoy, a pretty little Star graces the top of our tree.

When I was shopping for our first tree decorations last year, I was really torn over what to get. I grew up in a house that had an Angel at the top. It was also always MY job to get that girl up there!!

However, for my own tree, I was rather partial to a star. I also couldn't find any pretty angels, that didn't look creepy, and didn't cost an arm and a leg.... As well, in keeping with our Non-Denominational home, I think a Star was the better choice.

How about you? What graces the top of your tree? An Angel? A Star? A Snowflake?? Maybe even a beer can?? Let me know the story behind your choice!!


Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

We celebrated Christmas with my mother-in-law (she's Czech, and I blogged about the culture experience if you're interested). Anyway, she had a star. I grew up with an angel like you. I was surprised to find how "funny" it felt to have a star just like you a little.

20-Something Superhero said...

I was pretty surprised to see this month, as we visited with friends, that most of our friends actually had NOTHING atop their trees.... wonder what that's about???