Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Helpers

In the spirit of giving THANKS. I would also like to give a big shout-out to all the other people in our lives who are helping us out this Holiday Season.

1. My Mom - who is forwarding us some money towards our downpayment. We love you very much, and appreciate this, more than you will ever know!!! Also, she has offered up her assistance with helping to prepare dinner if we need it.

2. My Dad - who has offered to pay for the Turkey and all the trimmings, as we are hosting once again this year. This is very generous. Especially since there will be 8 of us.

3. Cory's mom & dad - He would like to provide a gigantic Hutterite turkey. They're organically grown, and so fresh!!! She really wants to cook it. Cory has taken her up on her offer, and is going to have her over early to cook it, so that he can work until noon that day.

4. Cory's work - Baker Hughes - who have very graciously provided all their employees with a $50.00 gift card towards their Christmas dinners.

We have been amazed by the amount of assistance that everyone is willing to give this year!! Both financially and service-wise. I'm thinking that we will be able to provide a very lovely Christmas for all, at a very cost-effective price point.

hugs & kisses for everyone!!!!!!!

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restyled home said...

Thank you so much for your tip about the solar powered Christmas lights. I haven't seen such a thing yet, but I now know to be in the look-out for them!!

Merry Christmas to a fellow Canadian!!