Monday, December 1, 2008

Home for the Holidays

Well, once again it's time to start thinking about, and digging out, all those Christmas decorations. We had good intentions of getting things done this weekend, but after the Christmas light debacle..... I was in no mood to get things out of the storage room. So next weekend it is.

But I have been thinking alot, about how to work our traditional holiday decor, with our more modern home. Here are some pics from Better Homes & Gardens that made me feel warm and cozy about the holidays.

This house must have a hig power bill during December!!

I like the idea of the swag and the light-filled baskets.. I am not so sure about the animals wearing bows....
So simple and pretty... and very cost-effective!I love this photo. I love how they took something not necessarily marketed "Christmas" and made it so festive and perfect... Including the fake snow atop the logs in the fireplace. Plus, the birch wood picture is great all year-round!

This one is a little too stark, and modern for me, but I think it would be prefect for someone who loves the minimalist style!!
This is uber festive and fantastic! I love the chock-full of winter look. Plus, mittens are so much cuter than stockings, when hung by the fire!!

A country classic!!
There are what I imagine most people's homes to be like.

A little bit unconventional, using potted urns instead of trees! Candles instead of a working fireplace, and large wreath in lieu of a covered mantel.

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