Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Got You Covered!

We recently re-started the bootcamp training at the work gym.. While I have been in consistently working out at the work gym since I started there, I am definitely someone who benefits from a group/teacher-led class.

Cory and I also committed to working out consistently this year.  I set myself a goal of 5 days a week, and while I haven't always been able to do the full 5, I am pretty happy if I get in 3-5 sessions a week. 

I know a lot of training experts advise to invest in some cute, well-fitting workout gear, to keep you motivated but I am much more a fan of weearing a great pair of yoga pants with one of Cory's loose fitting t-shirts.  (why are men's t-shirts always so much softer???)

However, I do find that wearing some great fitting underwear are key to a ensuring a workout won't be cut short!  For working out, I prefer a bikini style reminiscent of little boy's underoos and have long been a fan of the great little ones from Walmart.

Of course, I had to stop and grab a few pairs today when I spotted a little birdie!

(excuse the iphone photo)

At 3 for $9.00, these are a great little investment.  I like the bright colors and patterns, plus they have just the right amount of spandex in them to give them a perfect, comfy fit!
I chose the single birdie, a full print of flying birds and some cute turquoise polka dots to add to my collection.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I've been following your blog for a while now and I've always liked it and though I've never been compelled to comment before, this particular post of yours is a little TMI for me.

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

Anonymous, thank you for your comment. It's always good to know when people are reading. My point is never to offend, but of course share cute, interesting and of course budget friendly finds (for my home and my life.) Anyone who is a workout person knows that finding proper fitting undergarments is a struggle. These are great fitting and full coverage, so I felt comfortable sharing them and apologize if I offended anyone as to me. I try to keep my writing lighthearted and usually on the same topic, so I hope you'll keep coming back!