Friday, April 5, 2013

High v.s Low: Ghost Chair

My gf (an Interior Designer for the company I work for) recently moved into a new condo. As she's a single gal, I was obviously a little jealous of the freedom she had to decorate without having to consider a male presence.  Her place had a very distinctly feminine/sexy/glam/urban vibe about it.

While I don't have any pictures to share (yet), I was pleased to know that even though she has the same appreciation of nice things as well as  access (and DISCOUNTS) wherever she likes, she still gets excited over a good deal like the rest of us, and of course, furnished the place on a modest budget.  Which of course, inspired this new feature:  High v.s Low!

This is where I will feature items I've seen around town, all available on a Real Girl's Budget (probably even on the "high" end).  First up, the iconic "Louis Ghost Chair".

Of course, these are just similar styles, but nonetheless, provide the same style!


The Aurora Transparent Chair is what it's called over at Urban Barn  and it's regularly $219.  Currently on sale for $149.99, it's now priced similarly to most dining chairs.

Jill purchased her 4 "Luxe" chairs at Structube for only $79 each!  Definitely the best price I have ever seen these for!  No wonder she snatched them up!

While I personally, don't find them all that comfortable to sit in for any length of time, I've always been slightly enamored with the clear lucite.  I love how great they are for small spaces since they don't create any visual clutter.

What does an interior designer pair her clear lucite dining chairs with?  A vintage brass faux-bamboo round table with glass top!  The exact same style as one I almost bought on Kijiji for $20 a few weeks ago!  There's a reason we're friends!  Good taste!

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Janice Fisher said...

How does one buy from Strucktube? I have been on their site and see so where to order.