Thursday, April 11, 2013

Guest Room - A Before Tour

I've mentioned before that the room we did the least in when we moved in, was the guest room. We literally moved in some furniture from the old place (most of it from my childhood bedroom) and other than that, I bought new bedding and swapped out some lamps when I changed the ones in my bedroom.

Truth be told, the room is actually quite nice and I'd actually quite happy to have a room like this to stay in if I was visiting friends or family.  :) 

My biggest complaint is that all the furniture is pine and has been left in it's "natural" state, which I'm honestly, OVER.  I have big plans this summer to get all the pieces either stained or painted out - I haven't fully decided yet what route I want to go. 
 I'd definitely be up for some suggestions if anyone has any...?
One of the first things I want to do in this room is create a headboard.  I'm thinking I might just cut down an old Ikea duvet cover and wrap it around a canvas and mount it on the wall.  I still absolutely LOVE the bedding so I definitely want that to be the starting point in this space.

I brought in the white table I scored from a showhome furniture sale at work a few years ago, to see how I liked the lighter colored furniture in here and I definitely do.  However, as it's a one off, I think it will be moving to our bedroom for a little reading nook.  I'll definitely try and get another one of the ikea nightstands though.

As for the nightstands, I think they'd be nice painted out white.  I'll definitely be swapping out the shades on those lamps since the original ones went to live in our bedroom.
(excuse the water bottle up there, I use it to water the plants!)
My mom built the armoire back when I was a teenager.  It used to serve as a linen closet when I moved down stairs to the spare bedroom as a teen.  Now, it houses seasonal decor items.  I'm thinking I might want to stain it in a grey stain or white washed-type finish.
The nice big closet houses a dresser where we keep off season clothes and shoes, as well as gifts I pick up throughout the year.
The dresser was mine as a baby and has travelled with me ever since.  It could definitely use a little paint job and some new hardware to bring it up to date!
I've dressed the top with a few favorite things.  The painting my mom had commissioned for Christmas, modelled after a pair of ones she has in her place.  The ginger jar is absolutely stunning in person and I just find it beautiul.  The silver vanity set was a gift from my grandmother - there was one in the guest room I stayed in at their house when we visited.  Of course, who doesn't love Essenza  home fragrances, like this one in Sweet Pea.
At the foot of the bed is the hope chest my mom built when I was a teenager to store the all the dishes and random household hings I had started collecting.  Now it stores spare linens and provides guests with a place to put their bags, etc.
The artwork above is something I'm not entirely sure about but I think when the wood color is changed, it might stand out a bit more.
While I don't have a shot of the window (the sun was too bright and I couldn't get a good shot), we do need some drapes in addition to the dark wood blinds.
As soon as the weather gets better, I hope to get started updating this space. 

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