Friday, April 12, 2013

Housewarming Gift for my Bestie!

What do you get a trendy interior designer bestie, who's pretty particular and shops for a living as a housewarming gift?

Yeah, I was stumped too.  Since I've already been to her place a few times, I already knew what her "look" was:  glam, sexy, modern, eclectic, fun (with the tiniest hint of slightly vintage in there as well)  Was that specific enough for you?  Ha ha, me neither!

The problem was also that her place was fully furnished already and she doesn't have a lot of room for accessories or tchotkes, nor is that really her style.  She's not much of a plant girl either, so I really had to think out of the box.  Or should I say "out of the condo??"

The only space that wasn't touched yet (save for a few gnomes) was her balcony.  It's a reasonably large size, considering the size of the whole condo.  She did mention that she was looking to get either a sectional or conversation set out there, in addition to a bbq.  Since I know she likes to cook and entertain, I knew the patio would most definitely see some action. 

Located right off major nightlife area, Whyte Avenue, the condo is going to be a major place for us this summer, so why not get her something to help decorate THAT space?

My first thought was a nice, modern planter.  I even thought of including a gift card for a greenhouse for her to get some bedding plants, but figured she'd never do it herself.  I then thought of including a card that said I would come by when the weather warmed up to plant it for her, but figured it might still never get done.

I thought about getting her an owl something or other since they're her favorite, but she already got a ton of owl gifts from everyone, plus she's got a funny little collection of gnomes that used to be her grandma's so I didn't want it to be too figuriney out there.

Next idea was the best!  What about a lantern?  The balcony faces a back alley, so she could definitely use a little extra lighting. Plus, a lantern could help set a theme and is a great accessory!

Of course, this was the tricky part, I wanted it to be glam and modern and not too themey, since she hasn't purchased her furniture yet.  I had just about given up when I turned the corner at HomeSense  and found the perfect one!

Apparently, I deleted the photos without the candles, but this lantern is (in my mind at least) absolutely PERFECT! 
First of all, it's HUGE.  It's kind of deceiving in these pics, but it's a nice big size.  It was super simple, chrome and glass so it had a pretty bling effect and the light kind of bounces off of it like mirror.
It would work hanging or even on a table or the floor.
My favorite part and the reason I chose this one over some similar versions they had?  The handle!!

Yup, it's got a rustic/nautical rope handle.  Which I thought was absolutely amazing and really "Jill".

I originally wanted to get a ginormous three wick candle, since I think real candles are always better.  But I couldn't find one a reasonable price, plus I reasoned that since it's for someone else, they might not want to bother with the mess of cleaning drippy wax from the inside.  Plus, I stumbled upon a pack of 6 flamless candles (with timers) 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large for an amazing price at HomeSense.  Since I wanted a few more for myself, it was a great deal!
Of course, just for kicks, I also threw in an owl shaped wine opener that I found for something cutesy!
I'm hoping to spend some time on the balcony enjoying some frozen margaritas as soon as the weather warms up and think this will be the perfect starting place to complement whatever decor she chooses.

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