Thursday, April 18, 2013

High v.s Low: Turquoise Trellis Outdoor Rug

So one of the reasons I decided to start this new feature was simply, because I'm cheap!! 
 I love what I love, but a lot of the time, just honestly can't justify spending the amount of money that even "mainstream" stores seem to charge for things. 

Today's item is a prime example of that!

The other day, I was tootling around online, you know, as I do and came across this beauty:

If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of both turquoise, as well as this pretty moorish patern (I mean, I did spend an entire weekend stenciling it on our Master Bedroom wall
Of course, when I looked at the price  Pier 1 was charging, I let out a little "WHHHHHHAAAATT?" 

And then I realized that the price I was looking at was US and that I'd be paying even MORE than that!!! 
Cause would you believe it, but I bought a very similar rug last month:

Except I only paid $30 for mine!  At Jysk  of all places!
For those of you unfamiliar, you have to check them out! I've found a bunch of real gems there at UNBELIEVABLE PRICES!!
Oh, and the best part?
Yeah, mine is REVERSIBLE!

Sure, they aren't exactly the same and mine appears to be made out of significantly less fancy fabric, but considering the weather here, I prefer the plasticy-fabric for the 3-4 months it's going to be used, so I can just hose it off whenever needed and before I put it away for the colder months.
Besides, if I decide to change my color scheme up next year, I won't feel so put out!
What do you think?  Would you rather go the cheap route or shell out a little more for your outdoor space?

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