Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Give a Hoot!

Well, I never made it to Urban Barn on the weekend, but I DID make it over to HomeSense.....

I was there picking up a housewarming gift for a gf (more on that in another post though) and stumbled across a slew of owl vases.  My gf has a thing for owls, but of course, I couldn't decided which one I liked best between these two:

This guy seemed a little sleeker and modern, which is very much her thing.  He's taller and could really read as a statue if she doesn't buy flowers often.. which is possibly the case since she's kind of a brown-thumb.
Then there was this guy.  A little more stout, he seemed a little cartoon-y.
Since I couldn't decide in the store, I figured I would take them both home, decide and return the one I didn't pick. 
Well, turns out I picked based on the one I wanted to keep instead.....
Yup, owl number 2 looked so good sitting on the table at the end of the upstairs hall, that I thought we'd keep it as his permanent home! 

I reason that I already have a thing for white animals, especially birds.  Plus, he would look amazing with a bunch of fuschia tulips!!!

The best part?  For $12.99, he was a nice addition to our home and serves more than one purpose: decorative and decorative with flowers  :)
So, needless to say, tall/skinny/modern owl is being saved for my gf's b-day since I decided on something else for her housewarming gift!
What great finds have YOU scored at HomeSense/Home Goods lately? 

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