Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a difference....

My friend Kerri, who grew up next to me, recently bought an older townhouse. I was shocked to say the least, especially since I was the older one, and that's suppossed to me MY milestone to reach first.

However, when I first saw pictures of her "new" place, I was less than impressed. I was definetly proud of her, but the pictures of the place, left something to be desired. Thankfully, she planned on renovating everything!!!

I haven't talked to her much lately, so you can imagine my surprise when I came across photos of her progress so far, and felt I definetly needed to share them.

Keep in mind that none of these rooms are anywhere near finished, and she hasn't even been living in the home until this week, but the transformations already are amazing.

Congrats Kerri!! Great job so far!

Powder Room


As one of the first things you see when you enter, this room left much to be desired. Especially since they decided to paint all the main floor cupboards yellow and green AFTER she signed the contract.


This is still in the construction phase... but WOW!!! Looks 1000 times better. Love the switch to tile, the paint color and the gorgeous vanity with glass sink!!

Main Bath


The upstairs main bath wasn't much better, but at least it had double sinks!!


This is what she turned it into!!!! WOW!!

What's even better is that the whole vanity and granite countertops cost $375.00 at Costco!!



This really wasn't soooo bad, just a little dated and boring...


I can't wait to see what this bathroom looks like when it's all finished with towels, shower curtains and accessories!!!

Master Bedroom


The builder's beige walls and matching ugly carpet left little to be desired


Look at those gorgeous floors!!! I have to say, that wherever we end up buying, I am ripping the carpet outta my bedroom!!

Looks ever better with the baseboards and trim painted a fresh coat of white. ( Please note the furniture was just moved in - this is not how it will look)

2nd Bedroom


While this room is a nice size, the blah-ness of it, made it feel kinda yucky.


New paint, trim, baseboards and floor make this room so much more lovely and fresh!!

3rd Bedroom

This room is kinda blah before.


WOW!!! This would be a perfect little office/den.

Did I mention this is my favorite color ever? It looks so sharp with that floor and trim!!

I'm really loving her progress so far, and I will keep you posted on the progress!!

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