Wednesday, October 8, 2008

All about the balance

I recently read about Homestrology on Apartment Therapy and This Young House and had to check it out. I am also an Astrology disbeliever, but think the idea of it, is pretty neat. Feel free to check out Your Reading
Here's mine:


Libras love harmony and peace, which they achieve through elegant arrangements. Whether it's the elegant arrangement of interesting people around a table for a fine dinner party or the arrangement of color, shape and light on a canvas to paint a beautiful picture -- the mark of Libra is in everything that makes the world a more civilized place.


Venus, goddess of beauty, art and love, rules your sign, and your natural design skills rule your home, particularly in the bedroom. Traditionally feminine, but ever so graceful, is the way to go here. A canopy bed with lace, or even better, something frilly and sweet. For window treatments, choose sheers that blow in the summery breeze. Try a vase with a single rose on one end table, and on the other a framed photo of some romantic spot for two. Televisions, stereos and other electronic equipment should be well-concealed behind closed doors, room dividers or wall hangings


Your element Libra is one of the air signs, so everything in the home should be light and airy. Choose clear glass or crystal vases, perfumes holders or candles sticks. Porcelain and china have that natural lightness to them, as well. Paintings for the wall should be pastoral images—nothing too obtrusive. Mirrors work wonders to double the space, but some neatly arranged books and magazines suit your intellectual interests as well. Candy dishes should be deliberately placed around the house, since yours is the sign of all things sugary and sweet.


There is some discrepancy about this in astrological circles. Pink is traditionally given to your sign, and it's not a bad fit. Certainly, its peacefulness and calm is true to your mild-mannered qualities. You can take pink to the limit: Add throw pillows with frilly edges to the sitting room; pink cushions on the patio chairs complement the green of the lawn. Of course, pink in the bedroom is a go. Men can simplify the frills and complement the pink in their Oxford shirts with navy blue suits, charcoal grey or pin-stripes. Or turn to green, the actual color of the planet Venus. A bright and shimmering green, Kelly or grass green, is most suitable. We're sure you'll balance the hues just fine. A heightened sense of color is your greatest design strength.


You are sweet, light and feminine. However, you are most of all sophisticated. No sign designs a room better than you; yours is the sign of the decorator, in fact.


Relationships are important to you, which we see in your careful balancing of pairs: two candlesticks on the mantle, two bookends for the shelf, two matching lamps around the sofa.

I agree with the fact that I certainly lean towards feminine, elegant interiors. However, my home does not have a canopy bed nor lace. I do think that electronics should be hidden, however have been unsuccessful in trying to institute this in my home.

About the light and airy - I'm on the fence: I love mirrors and mirrored surfaces, but don't do a lot of clear glass.

I do love pink, but there is very little in my home and no green.

I am very much about balance, and that's essentially what my sign in. However, I would say I am trying more and more, to avoid a matchy-matchy, contrived look.

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