Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celebrity Home - Cynthia Rowley

I'm a girly girl at heart, so I love seeing homes that are full out feminine!! I have however, made accomodations to respect my other half's wishes on a home that isn't too girly, so that he and his friends can feel comfortable. Thankfully, Cynthia Rowley has paired dark furniture with a lot of her more feminine pieces, making this something that I'd probably be able to pull off!!!

I am trying very hard to sell this idea to Cory for the area at the top of the stairs to the main floor. Casual, functional, but still a pretty little vignette.

This den makes me smile, mostly because there is ZEBRA CARPET!!! I also love the idea of a screen to cover an odd alcove or nook in a room.

This dining room is very feminine. And possibly even a little too much for me, if those chairs were paired with a leather bench on the other side, maybe I'd be more likely to see it in OUR home.

HAHA!! I love the token duck!! He totally echoes the casual elegant vibe of the room!

I like the little garden stool but it has obviously been stylist propped as it's placement doesn't make for proper use of the dishwasher. Loving the tree in the kitchen!!

Loving the great lap pool in the yard. And even with a substantial amount of stone instead of grass, you still get that lush, yard feeling!

Loving the graphic Master Bath!! Although, I think I would like to pull something this amazing off in a powder room, where the wallpaper would be fantastic!!

If you look closely, you will see the intricate detailing on the bunk beds... nope those aren't hand carved, but hand draawn on with a caulking gun!! Just goes to show you what amazing stuff you can create for little moola!!

( Elle Decor )


megan said...

Ooo...pretty rooms! My husband thinks that pillows on the sofa are too feminine. Silly boy! Thanks for the sweet comment on Young House about my room. (Yes, I read the comments. I rock!) I enjoyed looking through your posts and marking a few of them as inspirations. I would love to get that cool, casual artsy vibe going in my house but just can't swing it. Maybe it's because I am not cool, casual and artsy.

20-Something Superhero said...

My boyfriend doesn't seem to be a fan of throw pillows either. He takes them off the couch whenever he sits down, even if they are on the opposite end from where he is sitting...