Thursday, October 16, 2008

Decorating on a Dime

Up here in Canada, we do have Walmarts. Unfortunately, our Walmarts are not the same as they are in the States. Such is evidenced when I browse the sites online. American Walmarts have the lovely Canopy line of home decor and furniture. I've yet to see this turn up here, and that makes me sad.

I came across this lovely room, and I think it looks great!!! It would be especially perfect for someone just starting out, and surprisingly looks pretty well made. Here I've priced out exactly how much it would take to re-create:

Item Sub-total Quantity Total
~ Ivy Green Upholstered 3-seater Sofa $599.00 1 $599.00

~ Ivy Green Upholstered Chair $399.00 2 $798.00

~Mahogany Finish Armoire $499.00 1 $499.00

~Mahogany Finish Coffee Table $229.00 1 $229.00

~Mahogany Finish End Table** $149.00 1 $149.00

~Neutral Filigree Rug $189.96 1 $189.96

~Oil-Rubbed Bronze Floor Lamp $64.88 1 $64.88

~Oil-Rubbed Bronze Table Lamp*** $49.88 1 $49.88

~Handwoven Willow Bookshelf Basket $14.00 2 $28.00

~Floral Throw Cushion $14.88 2 $29.76

Grand Total: $2636.48

This price was based on what was in the picture... here's what I would add:

Additional End Table & Additional Table Lamp, which would bring the total of the entire room (less picture, magazine holder, throw and plant) to : $2835.36!!!

I think that's a hell of a deal!!!!! I actually think the room looks pretty great!!!

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