Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yup, today is my Birthday. I am now 26. I'm not sure what the plan is, but I don't anticipate getting my gifts until the weekend, when my family is in town.

Anyhow, everything I have asked for, has something to do with the house, so I am sure I will have quite a bit to post coming up.

The biggest thing I made a fuss about asking for, is a sewing machine. I have a ton of projects around the house that I want to work on, and so I am excited. I know someone bought it for me, I just don't know who....

I was reflecting on my Birthdya a bit today, and realized that I am in such a better place this year, and I mean that literally, as well. Last year, we were in a shitty, old apartment that was my first ever home away from mom and dad. It was also my first time living on my own. My resources were extremely limited, and I made it as comfortable, and chic as I could. Here are some pics of the old place, you'll notice I still have a lot of the same pieces, but they look more grown up, in the current space.

Not only is it super messy, the drapery rod was crooked ( we tried so hard to fix it!), but everything on the walls is out of proportion, but I used what I had...
Same set, looks much more grown up in the new space.
Oh that kitchen was ugly, but I wasn't a cook, so it worked fine for me...

I was the most happy with this room, even though it wasn't completely finished, I loved it!!
But looking at it now, it screams teenage girl!
Back to now:
We had a great weekend: We even did stuff for the home!!!

Yup, we found a frame for "Little One" ( the print I purchased from Kal Barteski We also bought the supplies, and created a beautiful Holiday Harvest Wreath that is sitting, being a show stopped on our front door!!!

I have yet to download the photos, but I plan to do this tonight, so make sure you check back tomorrow for them.

In the meantime, we think we have found some fantastic stools. They still have the ones we love (above), in leather, super comfy, right height, great style at Home Outfitters however, Cory thinks they are a little pricey, and wants to see if we can do better.

We did check out the ToGo section of Finesse and found some we liked. The ones the same as the above ones, were not in stock right now, but there was a different style (dumb me, forgot to take a photo) that we liked. Unfortunately, there was only 1 in brown. They did have 3 in the white leather, which we decided would look good.

They were $59.00 each!!!! Which is amazing, considering that we would be able to get all 3 for the price of one of the other ones!!!

Unfortunately, since they are in the ToGo area, that means they are display models, and are sold "As Is" and one of them had a big old crack on the bar where you put your feet, so I passed.

However, I can not stop thinking about them now, so I think that means I will wait until the weekend is over, to see if perhaps, someone got me them for my Birthday. If not, then I will head on over there are scoop them up next week. (fungers crossed that they are still there, or some even better ones at the same price are still there!!!)

I think I can live with a semi-crack on one of the foot-bars, at a price that good!!

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