Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Bold and the Beautiful

Kelly Wearstler's name might ring a bell to those who have a thing for the Hollywood Regency style, she is famous for.

This time around, she's doing the guest house in her Beverly Hills guest house, featured in Domino and making it POP with color.

This is probably a little much for me, but there are some cute pieces, like the little side table !

Okay, so perhaps I wouldn't love this as much if it wasn't all blue - but it is, so I do! Especially that screen. That might just be the perfect thing for the ledge open to the upstairs loft.

It's a guest house so this kitchen probably isn't used to much, but it would be nice to set out a little continental breakfast for your guests on days you are working.

I like a vignette that is piled almost to the point of excess but still looks amazing!

Holy cow!! What a difference some fabric can make!!

I love love love this!! Probably would never do something this saturated though. But these colors are fantastic!!!

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