Friday, October 31, 2008

Get wired!

If you are anything like me, you probably travel with an arsenal of technology goodness with you everyday. I've been known to carry a cellphone, ipod, digital camera at all times in my bag. In addition to that, Cory has both his personal and work cellphones, two ipods and a battery charger for his camera that at any given time, can all need charging.

Due to lack of space, as well as the impracticality of it all, we have resorted to using the master bedroom, and ensuire bathroom as the place to charge our gadgets. However, when those are full, we're squeezing room behind the papertowel dispenser, the coffee machine, and hanging cellphones dangling from the plug in the hallway.

This does not make for a pretty site. I've heard about all those fancy ( albeit expensive) "charging stations" that companies make that allow you to charge all your gadgetry in one space to save time and space. Unfortunately, not only did they not suit my decor, but neither my price range.

Here's a DIY solution that I came across on HGTV's Pure Design, that I really want to make.

Charging Station
~ box
~utility knife
~power bar

~Chose an attractive box, that will accomodate all of the gadgets you'd like to charge and a power bar.

~ On the back of the box, use pencil and ruler to mark out hole you will cut for the power bar cable..

~Use utility knife to score lines of hole you are cutting. Continue scoring until you can work your way through the material and pop out the hole.

~Place power bar inside the box and snake the cable through the hole in box. Plug power bar into wall. **

~ Plug chargers into power bar, and shut the lid on the clutter!!

** Please note, the charger in the picture does not have the power bar inside the box, but I think it makes more sense this way, so that is how I will make mine!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! A great idea! but please make sure that when you're charging your things, to keep the box lid open. Otherwise, you risk overheating the devices' lithium ion batteries while they charge, and heat really kills that type of battery. Some iPhone battery charging advice apps even suggest removing phone covers while charging, and while that would be annoying and excessive, the closed box environment would definitely be a problem.

Great site. thanks :)