Saturday, June 4, 2011

Walk this Way...

I totally forgot to share another quick little landscaping task we took on a couple weeks ago.  We  started adding a slate walkway from the front step to the backyard!

Last summer, my boss' wife kindly offered up some free slabs of slate.  We drove over and Cory loaded up a big stack, thinking it would be perfect.  Unfortunately, we only grabbed enough to cover from the front step to where the grass turns to rock (which will also be where our gate is when the fence gets started... next week?). 

Once I started to lay the slabs down, I wasn't exactly sold on it.  Infact, I believe my words were "I hate it, let's get rid of it and buy those pre-made stepping stones".  Something about the fact that they were all different shapes and sizes, didn't mesh with the clean-lined, symmetrical plan in my head.  But Cory really liked it and said it looked great.  Especially with the colors of the slab playing off the exterior stone we had surrounding the garage.  So I decided I would live with it for a few days and see how it felt.

You can see behind Finley how the path leads from the front step to the back.
She's looking very intently at a bug or something...

I've actually grown to really like it.  The grass has definitely filled in a ton since we laid them down, which is nice.
Plus, it adds a ton more character and interested to the sideyard than those perfectly round, grey concrete ones would.

I'll hopefully be heading over to my boss' old house this weekend to pick up a few more pieces so we can finish the rest of the walkway to the back!!

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