Saturday, June 11, 2011

JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

Tomorrow I will be up bright and early as I am walking 5km for the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  We've partnered with them this year as one of our charities at work and my boss really wanted us to have a team that participated in the walk, so he told me to take care of it.  Which essentially means, I volunteered myself....

Which is actually fine.  I love that I'm doing it. I also had the opportunity to attend a team captain's meeting where we got to hear from "ambassadors" who were the children affected by the disease and their families.  It was so touching to hear from these kids about how their biggest wishes were to someday find a cure.  Or to hear their parents tell stories on how they creep into the rooms of their small children in the middle of the night and give them finger pokes as they sleep so they can check their insulin levels.  I couldn't possibly imagine how life-changing that could be to have a child diagnosed with something that would change the way they do absolutely everything.  It was sad to hear their stories and I wanted nothing more than to help out so that maybe one day, these kids can just be kids!!

 We had quite a few people express interest in the walk right off the bat, but I think there will be about 4 of us actually walking on Sunday, which is fine.  I told everyone if they're not walking - they're donating!!

I've actually done pretty well with the fundraising, and that's not counting the mini bottle drive I have organized at work and still have yet to tally up and contribute to the total, but you can never have too much.  Here's a site so you can see how we're doing: Cindy's JDRF Site

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